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Permanent makeup in Milwaukee

Welcome to 3D MicroBrow, we offer the most natural looking microblading in Milwaukee. We do semi permanent makeup, 3D hair stroke eyebrow embroidery and Ombre eyebrows in Milwaukee.

What is Microblading

Microblading Milwaukee Procedure

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo treatment performed to give the appearance of eyebrows where either none exist or are very scarce. While not as invasive as a tattoo, the pigment is placed in the skin in “hair-like” strokes, blended with your existing hairs, to give the appearance of actual full eyebrows.

How does Microblading Work

Your first appointment consists of an evaluation, shaping of the existing brows, and a  color match to establish the ideal color palette. This all occurs before any blading even occurs.


First, a topical anesthetic is applied to numb any of the potential discomfort. The process itself is done using a hand-held instrument (blade) and the pigment is “bladed in” using hair-like strokes, one stroke/line at a time. Expect the first appointment to last 1-2 hours long.  After the initial treatment, a second and final application is done 4-6 weeks later to give you your “final results”!

How long does microblading last

Typical results should last anywhere from 12 to 36 months.

How much does microblading cost

Microblading Milwaukee Pricing

Microblading Milwaukee pricing

During this appointment we determine your shape & color, discuss the healing process according to your skin type, and apply your first layer of pigment to the eyebrows. Your brows will appear darker for 7-10 days while they are healing. Lighting and sometimes dramatic fading can occur during this period as the skin is conditioning to receive pigment.

Touch-up – $50. At your second appointment (4-12 weeks later) we will reapply the color to your original strokes and further perfect the brow shape and color where needed. If dramatic fading has occurred at your first session, the second session will now take much better in the skin. If a third session is needed, it can be done 6-8 weeks later to further reinforce color.

Additional sessions are not always necessary, however they are most common for those with problematic oily or dry skin, have little/no natural
brow hair present, or did not follow their Pre-Care/After-Care as directed.
Touch-Ups (Prices are for clients after initial sessions have been completed)
Touch-up time will vary from client to client, depending on skin type, environmental exposure, and body chemistry.

If you don’t see an appointment time available please call or text at 414-807-9383…all appointment(s) availability may not be listed. Please note: A deposit of $100 is required to book an appointment. The deposit once paid is non-refundable, however will be applied to your service. You will be sent a confirmation email with instructions on post and pre-care instructions, once appointment is confirmed.

48-HOUR NOTICE, FULL-FEE CANCELLATION POLICY. In order to provide a professional service and to avoid disruption at our clinic from no-shows and short notice cancellations, and to ensure availability for all our clients, we operate a strict 48-hour notice cancellation policy. Please kindly give us 48-hour notice if you intend to cancel or move your appointment to another day to avoid being charged for your appointment. No exceptions will be made except emergencies (hospital, bereavement). Our service is strictly supplied under these terms and conditions.