3D MicroBrow

Our Permanent Makeup Clinic

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3D Microbrow at French Quarter Salon
3900 W Brown Deer Rd 
Brown Deer, WI 53209

I used to have eyebrows that were skinnier than a line and I was bullied my whole life for them. After getting my brows done here I’ve received multiple apologies from my tormentors and a handful of dms complementing my new look. Life changing, thank you for making me the best version of myself! 10/10 recommended anytime, any day, to anyone
Chevonna Davis did my eyebrows for the first time recently. She had not been my stylist before and was merely the nearest one close to me when I was in need of my eyebrows getting styled. She did an amazing job and I will now being seeing her in the future.
I got my eyebrows done by Chevonna Davis and she was amazing!! Definitely recommend, she did an awesome job! Very affordable and amazing service.